PTI utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and provides support capabilities to combine for unparalleled flexibility.

MyData M100L Pick and Place

MyData MY15 Pick and Place

MyData M12 Pick and Place

Fritsch Manual Pick and Place Machine

Heller 1707 EXL Reflow Oven

VI Technologies Optical Inspection

PillarHouse Selective Solder Machine

Unit Design DIP Solder Machine

Metcal and Weller Soldering Stations

Kahnetics KDS 834 Manual Dispensing System

Metcal BGA Rework Station

Fancort Depaneling Cutter

Nikon Microscopes (2)

Smith Engineering Recirculating Deionized Water System
Production Technologies, Inc. Equipment

Pilot U84 Programmer

Q-Corporation Model 3400 Lead Saw

Automated Production Systems Radial Lead Former

OK Industries CB2 Manual Lead Former

Technical Devices Company Mark 5 Lead Former